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Mission Statement

At The Dispute Center, it’s all about you.

“Our mission is to provide full transparency, superior client service, and exceptional results to build the success and reputations of our affiliates and their companies; by making our affiliates experts in credit repair, we strengthen the relationships and successes between our affiliates, their clients, and ourselves.”

The Dispute Center supports you with an expert credit repair outsourcing service, professional credit repair client service, business credit building outsourcing, and business funding outsourcing. Our success is contingent on your success, so we strive to provide excellent training services, efficient dispute processing, and second-to-none client service support.

Professional Collaboration Leads to Success

Our processes are transparent, and our affiliates always have access to the
steps we take to bring their clients success in the credit repair process. We
don’t compete against you for retail operations and customer acquisition -
we’re here for you. With credit dispute education provided by our credit
repair experts and the ability to view each step taken to repair your clients’
credit, you will learn that there are no magic secrets to operating your own personal credit repair business. It just takes dedication to learning and
embracing the amazing feeling that comes with helping your clients achieve creditworthiness. Allow us to make you a trusted expert in your field.

Client Support Service Leads to Retention

Client retention is the name of the game. We provide best practices in order to keep your clients satisfied with their experience with your company. We understand and appreciate the dynamics of running a credit repair business, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service and exceptional credit repair results to maximize your client retention and referrals. We act as your internal credit dispute department and a natural extension of your credit repair business. Every inbound or outbound call taken in our U.S.-based call center is answered in your company’s name to provide seamless outsourcing integration into the regular operation of your credit repair company. Let us do the heavy work for you.

Reliable Results Lead to Profitability

The Dispute Center offers personal credit repair outsourcing, business credit building outsourcing, and business funding outsourcing. Our outsourcing services cover both your client-side interactions and the entire dispute process. Our exceptional credit dispute results speak for themselves, and our processes are fine-tuned to provide our affiliates with undeniable success. We strive to make your company as profitable as possible in everything we do. With scalable opportunities in personal credit repair, business credit building, and business funding, the sky's the limit when you choose The Dispute Center to enhance your business operations.

Call an account executive for more information, pricing, and information about our exceptional outsourcing opportunities.