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The Dispute Center's Mission

Our Mission - It's All About You - Make You The Credit Repair Expert!

“Our mission is to build up you and your company's reputation as the BEST Credit Repair Company available.  We do this with superior client service and exceptional results.  We make you and your credit repair business the credit repair experts." 

The Dispute Center will support you with expert credit repair outsourcing service, professional credit repair client service, business credit building outsourcing, and business funding outsourcing.

Personal Credit Repair Outsourcing - Business Credit Building Outsourcing - Business Funding Outsourcing

"We will not compete against your credit repair company with our own retail credit repair business like the other credit repair outsourcing companies do."
Make you the credit repair expert

Transparent Credit Repair Outsourcing

We believe in transparent credit repair outsourcing, so you know what is going on with your credit repair clients and understand the credit repair process. 

There are no magic secrets in the credit repair business if you follow the laws and have experience. 

Any company that hides their service or tries to make you think they have some hidden secrets should be avoided. 

After all, they are YOUR clients, enrolled under YOUR credit repair business name, shouldn't you know how your credit repair clients are being serviced?

Our credit repair outsourcing service is all about you and your credit repair company, making you look like the credit repair expert is a win-win for both you and us.  You win by having positive, satisfied clients and more referrals, and we win because you enroll more clients into your credit repair business that provides us with more clients for outsourced disputes. 

First Class Credit Repair Outsourcing Service and Credit Repair Dispute Results.  Advanced Outsourcing Credit Repair Tools To Make You More Successful and Profitable.

We understand and appreciate the dynamics of running a credit repair business.  We are committed to superior client service for your credit repair clients with exceptional credit repair results to maximize your credit repair client retention.  

Client retention is the name of the game.

We are here to help you understand the credit repair business and how the outsourcing of disputes work.  We work with you on a one-on-one basis to understand the credit repair dispute process.  Our system is transparent and provides you access to the dispute outsourcing process. 

Business Credit Building and Funding Outsourcing

The Dispute Center offers personal credit repair outsourcing, business credit building outsourcing, and business funding outsourcing.  We will work in concert with your credit repair business to provide your clients first class credit repair outsourcing service, exceptional outsourced dispute results, legal business credit building, and business funding service.  Our goal is to create a seamless transition between your credit repair sales office and our outsourced dispute service center; appearing as your internal credit repair dispute department and a natural extension of your credit repair business. 

The Dispute Center is one of the most trusted, highly respected, and reliable sources for credit restoration outsourcing, credit dispute business education, and outsourcing credit repair client service.  When you add in our business credit building and business funding outsourcing services your Credit Repair Business will achieve a greater level of success and be more profitable.

Your clients will experience first class credit repair outsourcing, business credit building and business funding service.  You will experience deep appreciation from your credit repair clients for helping them achieve credit worthiness again.

“Your success is our success”, give us a call to get more information, pricing, and info about our personal credit repair outsourcing, business credit building, and business funding outsourcing system.  We will help your credit repair business be more profitable and successful.

Call an Account Executive to find out more.  Don't forget to ask about out business credit building and business funding outsourcing.