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Credit Repair Training

Credit Repair Training and Credit Repair Back Office Support

Credit repair businesses that use our Credit Repair Outsourcing Service will find our credit repair training support to be second to none.  Our credit repair experts will work with you as part of our credit repair back office support service.  Whether you are starting a credit repair business or an experienced credit repair expert, we will work with you individually to the level you need.

Many companies like to use webinars and group meetings for their credit repair training, and there is nothing wrong with that.  You can gain a tremendous amount of information about the credit repair business, but most of the time it is information that is repeated often or more of a sales pitch than truly beneficial to your specific needs.

The Dispute Center believes it benefits you, our credit repair affiliates by having one-on-one credit repair training and support.  We work with you individually and provide credit repair training that is specific to your needs, so you can maximize your sales and profits.  Our transparent credit repair outsourcing service alleviates the need for large capital outlays towards staff, equipment, and office space, while helping you gain more knowledge and experience. 

The Dispute Center utilizes all applicable credit repair laws to ensure your client's credit reports contain only current, accurate and verifiable information.  The Dispute Center has over twenty (20) years experience in the credit and debt industry. We possess a thorough understanding of the credit reporting and collection industries as well as the credit approval process.

The Dispute Center’s exceptional support services and unparalleled commitment to each individual affiliate partner and each client clearly puts our service and our credit repair outsourcing service a step above the rest.

Call one of our Account Executives to determine if our credit repair outsourcing service is a good match for your credit repair business.  Call today for pricing and information about our credit repair payment processing system.